What am I reading 

And why should I Care?

Art and Music are everywhere. Digital streaming makes it possible to access an unthinkable wealth of content created by pervasive people from all walks of life. With a focus on the eccentric and obscure, Guilty Guide is setting out to shed light onto the curious underground of DIY culture, both online and IRL. From local performance to internet animation, our site strives to promote a variety of mediums with a manner that’s critical, entertaining, and informative. For those curious of what’s hip but unheard, cool and unseen, stick around for the ride and let Guilty Guide bring you the scene!

Cool, but who writes this?

Guilty Guide [GG] is this site’s primary writer, contributor, creator, and probably the nerdiest guy you’ll have the pleasure of never meeting. Driven by a passion for live music and odd culture, Guilty Guide is set out to bring YOU whatever strange and captivating content is lurking out in the ether.